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Sun is the power house of universe. It is the ultimate source of global energy, which can be utilized directly without disturbing the nature's cycle. Our mission is to harness this divine Source of energy for the well being of mankind, nation & universe.
Sudarshan Saur came into existence on the foundation of this belief that our product is not merely an appliance that supplies hot water, but an everlasting fruitful investment.

The Solar Water Heating Systems from Sudarshan Saur are specially designed to satisfy the needs of Indian families, Hospitals, Hostels, Industries, etc. These systems are ideal for the Indian society because they are 3:11 PM 17/10/2013economical demand very low maintenance, cost effective and more importantly they help to reduce the increased load on traditional means of Power such as electricity, LPG and wood fire.

Since 1989, we made lives of more than 50,000 families easier! and saved money for them. Thanks to world class & highly efficient Flat Plate Collector-Solar Water Heating Technology and latest innovative Evacuated tube collector (ETC) technology. When thousands of families start thanking us with smile, we get inspired, to do more! And better!









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