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Solar Power Security Fencing


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The Solar Powered Fence is scientific Fence and works on Solar Energy with backup facility to run uninterruptedly during the nights as well as cloudy days. The whole system can be derived into two segments, one is the Electronic Unit and the other is the Fence.

Electronic Unit consists of a Solar Photo Voltaic Module, Energizer, Fence Voltage Alarm (FVA), Battery and Charge Control Unit (CCU). The Solar Photovoltaic Module in the Electronic Unit converts the sunshine into electrical energy and charges the Battery through CCU. The Energizer through the CCU takes 12V supply as input and energizes the same into 7000 to 9900 volt pulses. These pulses will travel through the fencing wires at regular interval of around 1 pulse per 1.2 second with the duration of each pulse of about 3 milli seconds.

The block diagram of the Electronic Unit is as under: Types of fences Our Solar Power Fencing Systems are broadly categorized as under:











Security Fencing


This system shall meet the requirements of Customers whose premises/ properties are to be protected against tress-passing / Thefts / Intrusions etc.. Ideal for Residences, Establishments, Go downs, Stadiums etc...










 Wall-Top Security Fencing

Conventional perimeter protection systems like barbed wire / weld mesh fences, dogs and guards are insufficient to meet the present day security needs. As burglars and other intruders are better equipped to overcome these inefficient barriers, the need for effective protection of premises assumes greater importance.

Wall-top fencing has all the features to stop the most determined intruder. This smart and intelligent perimeter security solution functions simultaneously both as a passive barrier and as an active deterrent – a fail-proof physical and psychological barrier. Any person or animal attempting to break – in receives a painful yet safe shock.



Agriculture or Animal Fencing


This system shall meet the requirement of customer who wishes to protect his crops from domestic animals. The System is suitable for Farms, Aquaculture and Horticulture etc..
This fencing can also be use as animal fence to ward-off wild animals like Elephants, Bears, Wild Boars etc, to protect villagers residing beside forest.