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Solar Lantern - SunLite


SunLite series of Solar Lanterns form Glow Solar are the most popular Solar Lantern of India, which conforms to Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) specifications. Highly efficient two-step charge controller protects battery from over charging and deep discharging. High frequency inverter offers high efficiency, more light output and long service life to the CF Lamp.










• Inexhaustible energy from the Sun.
• Omni-directional pure white light.
• Adequate protections and indications.
• Approved by CPRI, MNRE specification.
• Attractive body made of ABS plastic.
• UV stabilised acrylic light diffuser.


1. What is a solar lantern?
Ans : These are lanterns that use solar energy. The power of the sun provides the ‘fuel’ for these lanterns.

2. How does the solar lantern work?
Ans : The solar lantern comes with a solar module which produces electricity (drawn from the energy of the sun), which is stored in a rechargeable battery inside the 
          lantern.  This is the power the solar lantern uses.

3. How is the solar lantern used?
Ans : The solar lantern is easy to use. The lantern comes with a solar module. You will have to recharge the lantern every day. All you need to do is to plug in the solar
          module cable and place the solar module out in the sun. The lantern itself should be in the shade (preferably inside the house). You can carry your lantern and module
          to anywhere (remember it is very light), and recharge it there.

4. Is there any risk to use a solar lantern?
Ans : No, there is no risk using solar lantern.

5. Why should I replace the kerosene lantern with a solar lantern?
Ans : The solar lantern gives far more light (3-6 times more), there is no risk of fire, no risk to the health and after half a year you save the money you would have spent on
           kerosene. Solar energy is an environment friendly solution which is highly sustainable.

6. How long will the Lantern give light in the evening?
Ans : Depending upon the model of the solar lantern you select, it will give 4 to 6 hours bright light. Please refer the technical specification tab, for more details.

7. Do we need to buy batteries to operate the solar lantern?
Ans : No. You must not buy batteries to use the lantern. The solar lantern comes fitted with a rechargeable lead acid battery – which is recharged with the solar module.

8. How long must I charge lantern with the solar module?
Ans : At full sunshine 5-6 hours are sufficient to have 4 to 5 hours light in the evening. To get the batteries completely full, you may charge it for 8 hours.

9. Does the solar module charge the lantern on a cloudy day?
Ans : Yes, even on cloudy days the module will produce electricity, but not as fast as on a sunny day. If the sun light level is low in a day, please use the lantern for a reduced

10. Can I charge the lantern with a mains charger?
Ans : Yes, you can charge the lantern with a suitably rated mains charger. Ask our local dealer for the right mains charger. Do not use other mains chargers that could
          damage the batteries inside the lantern.

11. Do I need a new lamp (CFL) after some years?
Ans : The Ammini solar lantern's are fitted with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) which are rated for 8000 Hours of operation. Even if you use the solar lantern for 4 hours
          a day, still the lamp will last for more than 5 years. This is achieved by the superior electronic design of the circuit and lamp pre-heating arrangement. Under normal
          conditions you never will have to change it before 5 years.

12. What is the difference between the lantern and a torch?
Ans : A torch is designed as spot light with batteries, and the batteries must be changed periodically. But a good solar lantern is designed as room light (giving light all
          around), to be charged with a solar module without changing the batteries periodically.

13. How can I know that the lantern is charging?
Ans : When you connect the solar module to the lantern, the Green LED comes ON if the module is exposed to the bright sun. That is an indication that electricity is being
          produced and the lantern is getting charged. Once the battery is reaching full, the Green LED start flashing. No need to disconnect the lantern from the solar module,
          as the battery is protected from over charging using electronic circuits.

14. How can I know that the lantern is fully charged?
Ans : There is no direct indication that the batteries are fully charged. The flashing of the green LED is an indication that the battery is nearing full. Normally the batteries will
           be fully charged after two days of charging.

15. May I expose the module to rain?
Ans : Yes, the module may be exposed to rain, but not the lantern. Protect the lantern against water ingress - it is designed for indoor use only.

16. Does the solar module operate in the shade?
Ans : No, the solar module must be positioned in the bright sun to produce electricity.

17. When must I replace the rechargeable batteries?
Ans : Under normal conditions the rechargeable batteries should last for several years. Afterwards you have to buy new ones from your supplier / dealer near to you.

18. Who will repair the lantern when there is a fault?
Ans : Please take the lantern to your supplier or Ammini Dealer near to you. They are trained for maintenance and repair work.


Product Specification

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