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Solar-Powered LED 24 hr Flasher


Solar Powered Flasher , flashing 24 Hrs/12 Hrs a day .365 days a year provides added visibility for important hazard and road marking signage featuring bright , crisp illumination in compact solar flashing beacons signifiCally improve the visibility of important signage and help alert drivers to the presence of pedestrian crossing , rail roads and important safety hazards

Solar Powered Flasher consists of Solar PV Module, LED Traffic Signal Head, Charge Controller and battery. The power generation of Solar Powered Flasher is the Solar PV Module. It is used for charging the 12v battery during the day time. Solar Charge controller is used to prevent the battery being over charged and also prevents battery being deep discharged.











• 100% short circuit protection Surge/Lighting protected.
• Perfect design, Easy Installation.
• PWM MOSFET based solar charge controller for efficient battery charging.
• Automatic dawn to dusk / 24 Hrs operation.
• Highly Economic and Reliable.
• Single Battery Type, Temperature Compensated Battery Charging.
• "Fit and forget" device.,100% solar autonomy.
• Ultra-bright, maintenance free LED's giving higher light output.
• Clear visibility from more than 500 Mtrs.
• Eco-friendly system ,Safe, efficient and reliable.
• Super bright White LED with 1,00,000 hours burning life.

Product Specification

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