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LEDTron 48 W


LED's have a number of useful properties such as directionality, specific colour, long life and high high efficiency. Glow Solar takes advantages of these inherent qualities of LED's in designing its latest range of mains operated LED road lighting luminaries. LEDTron LED Road Lighting Luminaries are made very directional, casting light mostly along the roadway, with only a small amount down and none up. The LEDtron contains 36/48 pcs of high efficient, high bright white LED's rated at 1W each.










• LED have high operating life (~50,000 Hrs).
• No lamp blackening as in CF Lamps.
• Virtually maintanance free.
• It offers > 100 lumens / watt.
• Engineering plastic case with IP-65 protection.

Complaince & Certifications

• Manufactured at a ISO 9001:2008 Certified Facility.
• IES LM-79-2008 certificate from UL.

Product Specification

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