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Solar Street & Parking Lot Lighting (LED)- 24


solar HB series LED lights present the perfect and cost-effective solution for security,roadways,Hi-ways,inner street roads and other general area lighting applications. Solar LED streetlights provide the capabilities of AC powered illumination in a solar solutions. Due to their low power consumption and very long life-span,(>50,000 Hrs) LED street lights are a good alternative to HPSV(High pressure sodium vapour) CFL (compact Florescent Lamp) or MH (Metal Halide) Unlike LPS lamps that produce the yellow-orange light,Solar lights using LED technology generate a very powerful and targeted crisp white light of excellent quality, which significantly improves color rendition and night visibility.











• High efficiency electronic circuitry , Environmental friendly –no hazardous material e.g.- mercury.
• Very low self-consumption , Highly energy efficient.
• Robust to thermal and vibration shocks , No infrared or UV beam output.
• Automatic dawn dusk operation Highly Economic and reliable.
• "Fit and Forget" device with More intensity of light ,Low maintenance , High reliability and durability.

Product Specification

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